Mike Tyson Is Opening A Luxurious 300-Acre Cannabis Resort

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Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

What substance has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, mitigate pain, potentially contribute to the healing of dozens of illnesses, and is responsible for 0 deaths in over 3,000 years? You guessed it: cannabis. Because the herb contains medicinal properties, former professional boxer Mike Tyson intends to build a 400-acre resort that is cannabis-centric.

GQ Magazine reports that the Tyson Ranch will compliment Tyson’s cannabis company Tyson Holistic Holdings. The company was founded in 2016 and sells marijuana strains, edibles, and merchandise. Though vacationers won’t be able to buy marijuana products at the resort, they will be allowed to smoke anywhere on the Californian plot.



The Tyson Ranch will include a festival venue, the world’s longest lazy river (which will apparently take an hour to float down), and even a lavish hotel. The latter is reportedly already in the beginning stages of construction.



As if a luxury cannabis resort isn’t enough, Tyson also intends to launch Tyson University to teach visitors how to grow cannabis. He hopes marijuana and hemp enthusiasts leave with the confidence and skMy Post 1illset to begin growing their own herb. Finally, Tyson intends to use the ranch for “research purposes” as he becomes even more invested in the industry.

Metro reports that work began on the ranch located near Desert Hot Springs in 2017. In an interview with Cannabis Tech Today, Tyson revealed his vision. He said, “I thought about how much good I could do by helping people with cannabis. It was a no brainer.” Soon, the idea will become a reality.


When he’s not building his cannabis empire, Tyson hosts the podcast Hotboxin. Recently, Tyson appeared on Good Morning Britain as a guest. He gave a weed-themed goody bag from his ranch to Piers Morgan, who later wrote in his column: “Whatever your side of the debate about marijuana – I view it as less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes – I’ve never seen a happier, calmer Mike Tyson.”


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