Locals Jump Into Frozen Lake to Rescue Bald Eagle Weighed Down by Ball of Ice [Video]

EAGLE IN ICEBALL rescue KenScottPhotography youtube

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Earlier this year, a group of avian enthusiasts stumbled across a surprising sight: a bald eagle was weighed down on the shores of Lake Michigan by a heavy ice ball. Immediately, they called rescuers to help. Their quick-thinking probably ended up saving the bald eagle’s life.

According to GoodNewsNetwork, volunteers from Wings of Wonder were quick to arrive on the scene. They initiated the rescue by trying to corral the raptor toward the shore. This resulted in some of the volunteers wading into the frigid waters themselves.

Ken Scott of Ken Scott Photography captured the video. He reported on his YouTube channel:  “Chris was right where he needed to be and had the presence of mind to intercept the guy who seemingly was looking for an assist at the same time we were offering one.”

After wrapping the bird in a blanket, they transported him to the rescue center in Leelanau County for a series of “forced defrostation” experiments. Warm tap water finally removed the “ice beast” attached to the bird. Several days later, on February 10, the eagle was released into the wild once again.

Watch the video below: 

It’s always heartening to see human beings risking their well-being for others, particularly animals. Do you agree or disagree? Comment your thoughts below!

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