Miami Farm Grows “Long Neck” Avocados That Grows 3 Feet Long

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

You have seen plenty of normal-sized avocados but here is something unusual for you: three feet long avocados which possess a long neck. So long, they almost look like gourds!

These avocados are non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) type. This means that their genetic composition has not been altered by cell engineering. They are also grown organically so you know that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been used.

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These avocados are from Miami Fruit, a small farm in south Florida. The farm has been cultivating and selling this variety of three feet long avocadoes for a long time now. They sell it at the local farmers’ market. But the news got out recently when it went viral on social media.

These avocados are called Pure Vida, meaning “long-necks”. South Florida is the birthplace of this variety. They are not common to any other area in the USA mainland. This variety is available from mid till late summer.

These avocados grow to be approximately a foot and a half in length. But sometimes they grow up to become three feet long avocados! These giant avocados weigh about 3 pounds each.

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They are pricey too! One avocado can cost you around $47 since they’re priced according to their weight. But they are definitely worth their price as they are creamy and thick in texture. Also, their taste is savory and a little bit sweet, as told by Edelle Schlegel who is the farm’s co-founder.

These three feet long avocados with long necks are generally only cultivated in South Florida. But it cannot be said to be on a commercial level. So people living outside this area don’t get these delicious exotic fruits in general stores.

A box of these avocados will contain many fruits, some big, some small. Generally, bigger avocados have bigger pits. But sometimes you can get lucky and find one with no pit! Yup, that is a rare occurrence, but such avocados do exist.

Thanks to the Miami Fruit though, people all over the country can now order the three feet long avocados. Since they take orders online through their website and ship these exotic avocados, now everyone can eat them!

Image Credit: Miami Fruit 

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