For $1.7 Million 6 People Can Sleep In This Camper Van Built On Top Of A Ford F-750

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

It is astounding to note that the EarthRoamer XV-HD is simply built on a four-wheeled Ford 750, which can house 6 people! But it isn’t exactly cheap- comes in at $1.7 million.

The entire program is to build sturdier off-road camper vans that go completely against the traditional notion of an RV. What is interesting is that these RVs are built both for comfort and self-sufficiency and can last any weather.

EarthRoamer XV-HD

The COO and President of EarthRoamer Tyler Tatro mentioned how the HD model was the most ambitious project they have taken up. By using the most updated models of construction, the company envisions equating comfort with luxury and functionality.

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The miniature home is built like a tank. With a Powerstroke engine of 6.7 liters, it provides 330 hp along with 725  pound-feet of torque. To make it perfect for off-road driving, there are 46-inch wheels, rear suspensions with hydraulic leveling, shocks, as well as LED lights.


The EarthRoamer comes with a host of amenities which include a dining space, living space, a loft bed, a kitchen, and a couple of bathrooms. Interestingly, the bathrooms are kept in different areas so that 2 people can avail them simultaneously.

Here are a few more details about this luxurious EarthRoamer which is far costlier than several other recreational vehicles.


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EarthRoamer XV-HD


EarthRoamer XV-HD

The official statement of the company regarding this vehicle is that this vehicle is created for those who wish to explore the countryside, without compromising on luxury.

The EarthRoamer XV-HD has solar energy worth 2,100 watts and a lithium-ion battery of 20,000 watts.


It is also equipped with a tank that can hold up to 115 gallons of fuel.


It stands at 13 feet tall, 35 feet long, and 8.5 feet wide. This allows people to stand up straight without having to lean.

The interiors of this RV are built ‘intelligently’ according to the President. The foundation is fiberglass, so the structure balances out itself.

EarthRoamer XV-HD

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The interior has closed-cell foam insulation that traps the heat. And the kitchen is fully equipped with microwave, sink, and stovetop (electric). Interestingly, a TV is fixed into the wall to not take up too much space, coupled with a surround sound system from the house of Bose for entertainment.


Three other EarthRoamer XV-HDs are in production. And don’t worry about it freezing when you take it up north for when it gets too cold, there is indoor heating to provide respite from that.

Images: EarthRoamer

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