Men Casually Walk Into A Jewelry Store, Sanitize Hands And Then Pull Out Guns

Man Jewelery Shop Pulled Gun

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

CCTV footage showing three men entering a jewelry store and applying Covid-19 protocol before robbing the shop has been going viral.

The incident occurred in Aligarh, India. Aligarh is a city in the Uttar Pradesh state, around 130 kilometers southeast of the capital, New Delhi.

What makes the video footage remarkable is the seemingly brazen and confident nature of the robbers.

Two of them walk into the shop and initially act like normal customers. They’re wearing masks and politely stretch out their hands to ask for sanitizer.

Moments later though their true intentions are shown as they whip out hand guns. At about the same time a third member of the gang makes his way into the shop.

Just as this is happening, one member of staff manages to escape into a backroom as he climbs over the counter.

The robbery then proceeds as the thieves grab their loot and start shoving it into a backpack.

One of them also climbs over the counter to snatch some more valuables. It can also be seen that a customer, the man wearing the red shirt, quickly hides his bag away from the robbers.

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Jewelry and cash

The whole incident only takes about 30 seconds before the thieves make off with their stolen goods. No one is hurt or injured as the store employees and the customers remain calm and in their seats.

Police say the men made off with about ₹ 40 lakh worth of jewelry. That’s a bit more than 50,000 US dollars. They also reportedly stole a cash amount of between ₹ 30,000 to 40,000 – roughly 500 US dollars.

Despite wearing masks the men are quite clearly visible on the camera footage. Police say they are confident that they will be able to track the robbers down by using the CCTV clip.

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