Man Spent 1 Week In A VR Headset Here’s What Happened

By Luke Miller / Truth Theory

In the 1960s virtual reality (VR) was introduced to the world, and by the 1980s they had a very exclusive group of people who could purchase the technology, with headsets costing just shy of $50,000. Today VR is rapidly becoming more accessible with 8.9 million headsets being purchased in 2018. As its production becomes cheaper and the experience continues to improve the market is expected to rapidly grow in the coming years.

This rise is not without its obvious potential downfalls, with one being the risk that it could disconnect us from reality and dampen our connection with the natural world. But this did not deter VR enthusiast Jak Wilmot from spending 1 week in a VR headset. Wilmot is the co-founder of Disrupt, a VR tech company based in Atlanta. He said he believes “this technology is going to elevate the way we communicate.” so used himself as a human guinea pig to test the effects if used for a full week, without rest.

During his week in VR Wilmot streamed a constant low-resolution version of the real world and blacked out all natural light in his home. He also spent time in VR worlds and games, including a multiplayer online virtual reality video game called VRChat.  VRChat allows players to interact with others as a 3D character and includes many activities you would find in the real world such as movie screenings, concerts, and even a meditation circle.

The following movie is the result of this experiment in which he met flat earthers, experienced burning eyeballs and attempted to virtually drive for 8 hours from Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada

Is this the start of a strange new VR world which seemed like science fiction just a few short years back? Or just a new unique way of experiencing reality? Please share this article! 

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