Man From Missouri Celebrates Pothole’s 3rd Birthday To Get Municipality’s Attention

Frank Sereno Cake 1

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Now, what do you do when you want someone to notice something that bothers you? Especially someone related to the public departments? Well, a Missouri man decided that celebrating something’s birthday was a sure way to obtain the PWD’s attention.

The ‘something’ in question is a pothole that the man had been talking and complaining about to the PWD for quite some time now.

This bizarre action doesn’t come out of anything- Frank Sereno, the man in question first called up Kansas city’s Hotline number 311 way back in March. But that was to no avail. The pothole stayed right there in his Waldo neighbourhood in Cherry street.

Sereno mentioned FOX4 that he wasn’t the only one that was disgusted with the pothole. His neighbours too called up the Public Works Department on multiple occasions but nothing was ever done. So, they wanted to have a birthday celebration.

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Sereno’s Facebook showed a picture of the pothole with a piece of cake, along with a candle with the number 3 on it. The Public Works Department of Kansas City did mention that the weather had stopped them from repairing it, but the pothole was definitely on their list of different repairs.

Maggie Green from the department mentioned that the crew was quick on their feet when the weather was fine, repairing up to 2000 potholes in one week. But, the weather changed pretty fast in these regions, especially in this season, making it difficult for them to continue the work.

Frank Sereno Cake 3

In a final note, she mentioned that of 15000 complaints, 10000 potholes were filled. And since the crew was working on Sereno’s block, the pothole was supposed to be filled within the week.

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Hopefully, it will be soon, after the pothole gets special attention!

Image Credit: Frank Sereno

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