Cut Your Waistline And Electricity Bill With This Energy Generating Treadmill

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

One of the main features of CES 2019 was the Verde G690 Treadmill, courtesy of SportsArt. Instead of it being your everyday treadmill that you see in gyms, this treadmill follows through with other SportsArt gear that sends energy back to the grid after a gruelling workout. The Verde G690 Treadmill is the latest admission to such gear which also involves a cross trainer, ellipticals, and other cycles.

This company has always been known for bringing forth sustainable sources of energy for workouts, so this particular equipment has a way of harnessing bio-power and turning it into consumable electricity. The treadmill runs on human steps, rather than a motor, and the energy produced with each step is up to 70%, which is around 200 Watts per hour. This is keeping in line with their products in the Eco-Power line.

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Then this power is sent back to the grid, thereby diminishing the individual’s carbon footprint. It also counts the amount of energy sent back to the grid. It is only due to the company’s excellent system of SA Well+, that users can observe the amount of energy that is produced and sent back to the grid. It can be operated through a mobile application too.

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Although it does seem that the treadmill is more interested in transforming calories into power, it does serve all the functions of a normal treadmill- a speed limit of up to 10mph, a space for running, slatted belts, and a brake that controls the slatted belts, etc.

Anyone opting for this machine will have the option to choose from multiple modules set for a nice workout. A heart monitor placed would also help in an optimal workout without overexerting oneself. Although a fixable incline is not there, for the treadmill has been fixed at a low angle, if one were to choose for a harder workout, they can opt for any of the 6 resistance levels offered. 

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Visit the SportsArt website, where you can find detailed information about the equipment, involving their pricing, and their availability.

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