After Man Collapses, 20 People Take Turns Performing CPR For 96 Minutes

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

In the small town of Goodhue, Minnesota, a miracle was witnessed. After walking out of a grocery store, 54-year-old Howard Snitzer collapsed unexpectedly. Those who were nearby rushed to help. Their quick-thinking and perseverance ended up saving his life. Though the incident, which is now referred to as the “longest, successful out-of-hospital resuscitation,” occurred in 2011, we think it’s worth sharing.

As Snitzer walked out of the grocery store, he suffered a massive heart attack. The clerk who saw him fall immediately called 911. Meanwhile, other customers rushed out to the man and began to give him CPR.

It is worth noting that Goodhue has a population of about 1,000 people. Because of this, it’s emergency response team is made up entirely of volunteers. Fortunately, all were quick to arrive at the scene.

Said Al Lodermeier, one of the good Samaritans: “He wasn’t breathing. He was in trouble and that’s when we started doing CPR.” Al’s brother, Roy, was also present. He told ABC News: “We just lined up and when one guy had enough, the next guy jumped in. That’s how it went.”

It took 96 minutes for a rescue helicopter to arrive from the Mayo Clinic. The entire time, 20 people lined up in front of Snitzer and waited for their turn to take over the chest compressions.

10 days after the fatal heart attack, Snitzer made a full recovery. He was later released from the hospital, deeply grateful for those who stepped in to save his life.

Watch the heartwarming interview below:

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Source: GoodNewsNetwork

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