13-Year-Old Akiane Kramarik Has Become A Self-Made Millionaire Through Selling Her Incredible Paintings

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

This is a video of Akiane Kramarik, an art prodigy who has been painting since she was five years old. With no artists in the family, Akiane is completely self-taught, she has been described by art critics as a “phenomenal talent” and has produced over 100 paintings, including realist portraits, to amazing landscapes and the natural world.

“When she was four years old I knew there was something special about her because she was describing a lot of new things on spiritual matters and also she started drawing exceptionally well” said mother, Foreli Kramarik.

“Many artists around the world always ask me so how did you do this and how did you do that? And i’m like i don’t know, I just did it” Akiane says. “It’s very complicated for a child to explain what they did. The only way they can explain is to through painting or their creativity”

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