London Tree Rental Service Provides An Innovative Solution To A Christmas Problem

london tree rental service

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

For a lot of households, a big part of Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree, placing gifts under it, and opening them on the day after Christmas. However, with the present environmental crisis, there has been a dilemma regarding this – what is better? A plastic, artificial tree, or an actual but dead one?

A London Tree Rental Service has, thus, offered a way out. The new business in the United Kingdom delivers real small-sized Christmas trees in pots to customers for a couple of weeks. In January, the tree is picked up and planted back on a farm, where the Christmas tree can keep growing. If the customers really liked it, then they can name the tree and order it the following year – treating it as a member of the family.

However, when the tree grows to 7 feet, it is placed in its retirement home in a forest, where it is naturally planted.

The London Tree Rental Service Has Had A Great Start

The London Christmas Tree Rental was founded by Catherine Loveless and Jonathan Mearns in 2018. The idea came about when they saw a Christmas tree graveyard – a place where piles of used trees were discarded because the holidays had ended.

They then tried to figure out a way to go about acquiring Christmas trees in a more eco-friendly way. Their research taught them that a whopping 7Mn trees that are cut for Christmas end up in landfills annually. There, they rot while emitting greenhouse gases. The rotting of a 6 feet tree produces on average 16 kilograms of Carbon dioxide.

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From this point, the idea of the London Christmas Tree Rental was born. Customers can choose from 4 tree sizes – from 3 to 7 feet. After that, they are delivered with a drip plate to wherever the customer wants in their house. However, they must give it about 500 ml of water daily. After the end of the season, the company will return the deposit money and take it back. Then, back on the farm, they are cared for lovingly through the year and events like heat waves. Customers are also excited at the prospect of seeing its growth.

A Tree As Your Christmas Guest

The founders said, in an interview with Bored Panda, that they encourage the customers to name the trees so that they will feel like returning “family members” next Christmas. 

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The prices of these rentals range between $53 and $93. There is also a $13 transportation cost as well as a $40 security deposit. As such, rental trees may have a higher price than artificial or cut trees. However, this option is much more sustainable. Even in the case of artificial trees, the shipment and transportation costs only add to carbon emissions and resource consumption. Moreover, they cannot be recycled either like harvested trees and end up as non-biodegradable waste in landfills.

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