You Can Now Get Christmas Fairy Lights For Beards


By Luke Miller

You Can Now Get Christmas Fairy Lights For Beards

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any weirder, along came Christmas 2018 with this strange idea. We are of course talking about Christmas fairy lights for the beard.

This year you can decorate more than your tree with fairy lights. Just whack them on the nearest bearded person and you will have a fully walking, talking Christmas tree for a friend.

This years latest Christmas trend has actually become so popular that they have sold out until 2019. Firebox the company stocking them left a message on their website stating Due to phenomenal global demand, Beard Lights have now SOLD OUT for 2018. But not to worry, they followed this up with this message: Need some festive facial hair ASAP? Why not get yourself some Beard Baubles instead.

Beard Lights

The description for this unusual festive idea from Firebox reads:

Not got room for a Christmas tree in your dismally small rental flat? Join the club! Don’t bother with one of those dinky desk sized ones, just get these and make yourself the tree this year.

Forgo the waxy styling products and replace them with this set of 18 multi-coloured nano LED lights – but don’t worry, you don’t have to hang them individually. Each of the heat-less lights are suspended on a 90cm cable that clips onto your beard painlessly. Just like normal fairy lights, but miniature so they nestle comfortably in your face fuzz.

Trust us, you can’t even tell they’re there when they’re in, so unobtrusive. We tested them on our extensive range of hirsute staff members and they all agreed.

But the product is not without a warning – they advise that if you are expecting a wet beard over the festive period to the lights a miss. The last thing you want is a trip to the emergency room over the holiday season.

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