Lego Is Offering To Pay For You To Ship Your Old Lego Bricks To Children In Need

Shipping Label and LEGOs Released

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

This week heralded LEGO bringing out a new proposition where they would donate their fans unused bricks. The donation would be made to the children who don’t have access to LEGO.

The program is called LEGO Replay and it is very easy to process. The program has been made easy so that people or parents could send in their products to the company without the least bit of hassle. The donation would be construed to a non-profit in the USA.

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All you need to do is gather up unused or old bricks and wrap them up in any cardboard box. Then visit the official LEGO Replay website and take a printout of a shipping label(free). The final thing to do would be to either call FedEx or UPS and have them collect it from your doorstep.

Your box will be then processed at the Give Back Box facility, where the items would be carefully checked and thoroughly cleaned. The entire project is a collaboration between LEGO and Give Back Box, Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston and Teach For America.

The Environmental Concerns Director at LEGO, Tim Brooks mentions that most of the customers don’t really throw away the bricks. They mostly pass it down to their grandchildren or children. But there have been some families who have mailed them, curious about any disposal system for their toys. And now they have a very impactful solution. 

The last three years have been spent with Brooks and his people trying to utilize the resources that they have to make this project a grand success. Everything was to adhere to the US regulations, and once done, would be given to the Give Back Box. This charity is focused on recycling unused clothes, toys, books, and other items, which usually get sent to a landfill. 

Give Back Box’s founder Monica Wiela is elated to be a part of this program. She mentions her own upbringing in Poland where she did not have many toys to grow up with. 

Teach for America will be sent the bulk of the items, and pass it off to schools throughout the country. According to Susan Asiyanbi, one of the figureheads of Teach For America, there was no better way to teach a child than to let them indulge in games. It not only develops motor skills but also imbibes creative thinking and teamwork. 

Unfortunately, not all children have access to such things. But now, with the growth of this program, educators will be able to work with the students to the best of their abilities. 

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The Boys and Girls Club of Boston too wouldn’t be stepping behind in this regard. A shipment is about to reach them in November 2019. After the pilot is underway, the company would think about expansion and how to improve the existing structure.

This isn’t the only charitable thing LEGO has done this year. It follows a list of other deeds like Plants from Plants, LEGO Audio Bricks, and LEGO Audio and Braille Instructions

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