Archaeologist In Egypt Found 20 Ancient Coffins Near Luxor ‘Like Ancient Egyptians Left Them’


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

In their latest expedition, a team of 20 Egyptian archeologists has found 20 sealed ancient coffins. The wooden coffins were discovered near Luxor, Egypt.

Although thousands of years old, these coffins have retained their bright colors and decorations. They were found in 2 layers. The coffins on top were laid across the coffins below.

The Antiquities Ministry of Egypt mentioned that the coffins were discovered at the Theban Necropolis of Asasif, situated on the Nile’s western bank. The ministry said it was one of the most important and largest discoveries in recent times.

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Asasif is near the Valley of the Kings and the tombs found here are approximately from 664-332 BC, the Late period of Ancient Egypt.

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There are tombs here from as late as 1550-1292 BC even, roughly comprising the years of the 18th Dynasty. This was the time of the New Kingdom from which heralded famous pharaohs like Hatshepsut, Akhenaton, and even Tutankhamun.

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The Ministry also announced that a former “industrial area” was also discovered in the West Valley of Luxor by the archeologists. This industrial area had storage houses and places where their coffins were cleaned. Many potteries were found to date back to the 18th Dynasty.

Further details about the coffins and their contents are yet to be released by the Ministry.

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