Lash Lice Infestations Are Becoming More Common In Eyelash Extensions, Doctors Warn

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Most people have their unique beauty regime which changes with the fashion of the age. Fake eyelashes are now a part of most of our routines. They are one of the raging trends in recent times and rightly so. Who wouldn’t want those fluttering eyelashes to complete their look? On fleek!

Be it a beauty sponge or makeup brushes, doctors have repeatedly told consumers to keep their makeup equipment clean and hygienic. Human skin has multiple oils and when these pieces of equipment are not cleaned after coming in contact with the skin, bacteria and fungi love to build their home in such places.

With all the oils from our skin and the residue of powders or creams, grime forms very quickly. But along with the brushes and sponges, fake eyelashes need to be cleaned regularly as well. The oils produced at the roots of eyelashes get accumulated on the fake lashes and lice thrive on such oils.

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Optometrists have mentioned how cases of lash lice or Demodex have been on the rise recently. These tiny organisms live on the hair follicle where there is not only oils but also residue buildup. They can even jump on to people if they come near the infected person.

Early symptoms to look out for Demodex are redness, itchiness, and inflammation. If you are experiencing any of these signs and feel like your fake lashes could be the reason, get rid of them and visit a doctor immediately.

People often don’t wash their faces if they have their fake eyelashes on because they might come off. But cleaning the eyelashes is the first step to prevent lash lice. Doctors recommend using a cleanser daily which has tea tree oils. It is antibacterial and often used to treat skin, hair, and nails. The other thing to do would be to use these extensions as less as possible. Sure they make your eyes look great but give them a miss once in a while.

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Last year, WFTV9 reported the story of Ashley who suffered from Demodex. She was a regular user of these extensions and one day woke up with irritated eyes. When put under the microscope, Orlando Eye Institute’s Dry Eye Help Center’s Dr. Keshini Parbhu found the lice thriving on the natural oils accumulated in the lashes. Ashley warned everyone to stop using these fake lash extensions altogether.

Overpopulation of lice in our bodies can lead to terrible infections so better be safe than sorry. Fake eyelashes enhance our looks for sure but are they worth all the trouble?

IMAGE CREDIT: Andriy Popov

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