Kellogg’s Decision To Fire And Replace 1,400 Striking Employees Backfires


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Recently, news came to the fore that the company of Kellogg’s had decided to permanently replace their striking workers. This came about after the company had failed in their demand to provide them with satisfactory working conditions. This led to the internet being used as a tool for clapping back on this policy of the multinational conglomerate, where it helped people achieve goals.

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While this has been proven time and time again, this was proven against by people who expressed their thoughts about the debacle taking place in the cereal company in a subreddit called r/antiwork. The news of the company downsizing their employees led to righteous anger being spewed forth by the people online – to a point where a Redditor encouraged others to apply for the few open positions that the company currently had by sending fake applications. Soon, the application portal crashed down, owing to the mass applications being sent every minute. 

Kellogg’s Decision To Downsize Itself

The entire debacle began on the 5th of October, 2021, when around 1,400 factory workers at Kellogg’s went on a strike asking for higher pay. The company decided to end the strike by bringing forth a new contract which was then rejected by the employees. Since the revised contract didn’t come up to be any better than it was previously, it was shut down, and the strike continued. 

The new contract from Kellogg’s was rejected by the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers’ International Union, which stated that the workers would be segregated into newer and senior workers, where newer workers would be offered lesser pay and far lesser benefits. Through this way, the company would be able to deal with the labor costs that it would incur. 

The People On The Internet Clapped Back At Kellogg’s

The decision from Kellogg’s enraged people all over the internet, who were pretty quick to notice that the company wasn’t the one that was struggling financially. Interestingly, it was reported that the CEO of the company had accrued a sum of $11.6 million the previous year. At the same time, those who have been striving for better pay fessed up that despite working overtime without taking any days off, they still couldn’t provide for themselves or their families. 

After news about this atrocity got viral overnight, people online decided to clap back at Kellogg’s decision to seemingly replace their old employees with new employees, as people online decided that the best way for this would be by making fake applications which would then crash the system. Some users on Reddit then conveniently found time on their hands and decided to go for the actual interviews where they decided to just waste the time of everyone involved rather than having any intention of actually working there. 


Needless to say, most users online were quite elated to see the spirit of solidarity that came forth in this time of need. They were also happy the see something being done with the situation where big companies like Kellogg’s used their employees without ensuring that they had proper working conditions or better wages to support themselves.

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