Identical Twins Try Vegan And Meat Based Diets For 12 Weeks To See How It Affects Their Health

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The identical twins from the Turner family have already made their mark by climbing a mountain and trekking to the most dangerous points on every continent. This time around, Ross and Hugo Turner have decided to delve into even more inaccessible territory- comparing the effects of a vegan diet to a meat-based diet on two people who are genetically identical. The twins decided to analyze the two styles of eating side by side over a period of 12 weeks from January to March this year. The idea was inspired by the growing popularity of vegan diets that athletes prefer- especially through documentaries like The Games Changers- as mentioned by Ross Turner.

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What Were The Identical Twins Thinking About While Conducting The Experiment?

The identical twins informed Insider that they wanted to remove the lies from the bare truth, whilst setting aside their own bias from it. They would be able to bring in the science that is involved in the whole process- simply because they are twins and genetically identical- so it would allow them to compare each other under extreme conditions. The pair then decided to monitor their bodily functions and their behavior during the course of the experiment and were then followed by several researchers from King’s College. 

Both of the identical twins underwent some intense endurance training at the gym five to six times a week, which was a program designed by Ross, one of the brothers who was also a personal trainer. They also ate a similar number of calories in meals that were prepared by the Mindful Chef delivery service. As was expected, the differences were quite noticeable in terms of muscle gains, digestive health, and fat loss. 

How Far Did The Microbial Constituency Change For The Identical Twins?

Before jumping on the experiment, one of the identical twins, Hugo Turner, weighed around 185 pounds with a body fat percentage of 13. After a month on the diet, he had dropped around 9 pounds, and by the end of the cycle, he weighed in at 181 pounds. Nearly all the weight loss was far, with his body-fat composition going further down- to stop at 12%. His cholesterol levels seemed to have dropped too.

Interestingly, Hugo also felt his energy levels spike during his lunchtime gym sessions- which could be compared with his usual routine. On the other side, he seemed to have lost a lot of his libido- which he couldn’t really explain the science behind. Nonetheless, he stated that this experience might not be the same for every single person. 

The identical twins didn’t consider conducting intensive blood tests during the experiment, but they did state that they would be doing so if they decided to do something similar in the future. They could definitely measure testosterone, to see if it would explain some of the changes that came through. Ross Turner, on his part, had always been the bigger of the twins- something that was highlighted by the experiment. Before starting it, he had a body fat percentage of 13%, which soon increased to 15% as he also put on 10 pounds of muscle. This brought his final weight to 189 pounds. 


The main change that the identical twins faced was their microbial constituency, which was more consistent in Ross’ than his brother despite changing a little. While it is still not clear why the changes took place, the Turners have hypothesized that it could be an abrupt change to a vegan diet. 

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