Joe Rogan Speaks Out On The Recent Controversies Surrounding His Podcast

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

There has been a lot of debate over the podcasts of Joe Rogan on Spotify recently. To this effect, musicians Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have asked to have their music removed from the platform to protest against the podcasts.

As such, in an Instagram post, Joe Rogan himself has given his opinion of the matter. The UFC commentator and host of The Joe Rogan Experience addressed the recent fire he has faced because of the topics that his program has covered.

Rogan begins by thanking all his supporters. He then goes on to talk about how many people seem to have a “distorted perception” of what he does. He chalks up the reason for them coming across “disparaging” articles or headlines. As such, Rogan explains that his “podcast has been accused of spreading dangerous misinformation.” He further explains that two episodes, in particular, have received most of the heat – the ones involving Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone.

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Joe Rogan And His Issue With ‘Misinformation’

Rogan then presents the qualifications of Dr. McCullough – “the most published cardiologist in history”. Meanwhile, Joe says that Dr. Malone holds 9 patents on mRNA vaccine creation technology and “is at least partially responsible for the creation of the technology that led to mRNA vaccines.”

As such, Joe Rogan explains that they are extremely competent. However, their opinion is “different from the mainstream narrative.” Rogan wanted to hear those opinions. He further explains that these differing opinions are why the “episodes were labeled as being dangerous – they had dangerous misinformation in them.”

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Rogan then explains his issue “with the term, ‘misinformation’, especially today is that many of the things that we thought was misinformation, even a short while ago, are now accepted as fact.” Rogan gave examples like the transmission of the virus, the efficacy of different kinds of masks, etc. that, according to Rogan, would have once gotten people banned on social media. However, with time, they became “headlines in newspapers”, as Rogan put it.

As such, Joe Rogan points to several of such theories as being discussed during the two episodes. He then admits that he does “not know if they are right” because he is not “a doctor nor a scientist.” Rogan only wanted to “have conversations with them.”

It Is Always About Having Interesting Conversations

He also admits to getting things wrong. But he claims he does try to “correct them” because his interest is in finding the truth. He is also interested in having interesting conversations with people having differing opinions. He argues that he does not want to talk with people who only have one perspective.

As an example, he points towards the episode with Dr. Sanjay Gupta which he found to be very enjoyable. Then he points to having Dr. Michael Osterholm, a member of President Biden’s covid advisory board. He also had Dr. Peter Hotez, an expert on vaccines. Joe Rogan says that the interest is in finding out what the correct thing is as well as how people form their conclusions and the facts. Here is the entire clip:


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He then talks about how the controversy has made Neil Young and some other people remove their music from Spotify. He apologizes to them for making them feel that way, and he claims to be a huge fan of Neil Young.

As such, he agrees with Spotify’s decision to put disclaimers at the beginning of episodes that contain such controversial topics. The disclaimer will explicitly mention that the opinions are contrary to the popular opinions. This Joe Rogan finds to be an extremely important disclaimer and he would be very happy with that.

Furthermore, he thinks that one thing he could do better is to have more experts right after the controversial ones. He says that “we will see” about the scheduling. He talks about how he does all the scheduling which sometimes means that he makes things up on the fly. As such, Joe Rogan promises to do more research about the existing facts and opinions and form more pertinent questions for the conversation.

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However, Joe Rogan repeatedly maintains that these episodes are just “conversations”. As such, it gives them a strange nature as well as what makes it appealing. He then thanks Spotify and apologizes to them for all the controversy. He also explains that he has no hard feelings at all towards Neil Young or Joni Mitchell because he really likes their music.

As for the podcast, Rogan wants to show every kind of opinion, be it contrary or the same as the popular narrative. And they will not just be about Covid, but rather everything in the world. He believes that it will help all of us figure out what exactly the truth is. Finally, he apologizes once more to anyone he has angered.

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