Japanese Artist Creates Extraordinary Art Using Light And Shadows

By Ruan Van Zijl / Truth Theory

The New-York based Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita sculpts amazing original art pieces that incorporate light and shadows.
She uses a single light source and places single or multiple objects at certain distances from each other to create artwork that comprises of both the solid material objects and the shadows they make.

Her artworks may look like they are only silhouettes of people but when you look closer you will see that it is actually a  strategically placed light that is shined on an assortment of stainless steel plates, aluminum, sheets op paper, woodblocks and even fabrics attached to walls.

The way she arranges the objects might look turbulent at first but each piece is strategically placed to create an incredible work of art.

She takes a lot of time to produce these artworks. Because she has to get the composition and the scale of these artworks right. To make sure that they inhibit the space in a balanced and peaceful way.

A to Z



Question Mark


Seated Figure


Untitled (Child)


City View

You can find more information about Kumi Yamashita here:

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