Coca-Cola Is Planning To Use 100% Recycled Bottles In Japan

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Coca-Cola Co. (Japan) has reportedly announced that it plans to launch a beverage which will be packaged inside bottles manufactured using recycled materials.

This initiative amongst several others is part of the sustainability programs several major companies all across the globe are launching. Coca-Cola has already had quite a few products in its portfolio which use sustainable packaging.

Other corporations are also finally trying to do their part in moving to a sustainable packaging system. This, albeit, somewhat late, is certainly a welcome step towards a greener future.

The company plans to use the newly developed bottle to launch the revamped Hajime Ryokucha brand, a green tea product. It has been developed in a team effort with the retail brand Seven & I Holdings Co.

Coca-Cola will make sure to recycle the plastic bottles which are collected at supermarkets and convenience stores. It will use to stores run by Seven & I. The partnership intends to establish about 1,000 containers for recycling in each successive year.

Coca-Cola is also considering making use of the 100% recycled plastic for more products in its portfolio.

The CEO of Coke, Japan, CEO Jorge Garduno wants an extensive web of partners that share the very same vision.

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The Japanese Government also set a target of minimizing disposable plastic by about 25% by the year 2030. It also set the target of reusing or recycling all industrial food waste by the year 2035.

These corporations are certainly showing us that a greener tomorrow is in the works and attainable. All we must do is play our individual parts in also reducing plastic waste.

IMAGE CREDIT:  Jennifer Mecca

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