It Took 2 Weeks To Construct The Worlds Largest 3D-Printed Building In Dubai


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

3D printed buildings are gaining a massive following in architectural communities owing to the ease with which they can be created. In fact, Apis Cor– a company based in Boston known for their 3D architecture- has recently unveiled a 7000 sq.ft building in Dubai. This building is said to be the largest in the world, and one of the fastest- constructed in just 2 weeks.

The company’s motto has always been ‘We print buildings’. And they have, till now, followed through on their words. This company is one of the biggest producers of 3D printed buildings, and their range is as diversified as miniature homes in Moscow, to cheap residential developments in places like Louisiana and California.

3D printed building18 889x592 1

3D printed building

3D printed building

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While Apis Cor has experience building affordable establishments in many regions of the globe, the extreme weather in Dubai did put their skills to a major test. The composition of the material used had to withstand the brutality of Dubai weather- one that swings between extreme hot and extreme cold on any single day. Nikita Cheniuntai, the founder of this company mentioned that the main struggle was to find a material that would resist both these harsh weather extremities.

3D printed building1 889x592 1

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A big advantage of creating 3D printed buildings is that they don’t require a whole lot of ground mobility. A normal building of 7000 square feet would need a lot of scaffolding, but this need was eliminated here, as the car-sized printer simply built the structure on the site.

The machine used just a few workers and one multipurpose crane to install the structure on the ground. The mixture used was gypsum-based, and after the initial structure was fixed on the ground, the company used the old methods to set up windows and doors. And finally, they used rebar to support the entire structure.

3D printed building

3D printed building9 889x592 1

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This building, made entirely white, will be the seat of the Dubai Municipality. The white façade installed helps in reflecting sunlight, while the materials used by Apis Cor in constructing this 3D printed building provide an enmeshed insulator which would ensure that the temperature remained pleasant throughout the year.

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