Crying Is Not A Sign Of Weakness It’s Embracement Of Emotional Intelligence

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Crying is as normal an event as breathing. But the forces that govern us have forever seen this action to be one of weakness. Men especially are always ridiculed if they cry. It is viewed as an emasculating thing to do. On the other hand, women are seen as extremely spoilt if they cried, no matter the reason. To put it simply, one’s reasons for crying could be varied, but a single tear down the eye would be perceived as less humanly.

And this affects us adversely. We start thinking and believing that any form of emotion is simply vulnerability. This leads to us never speaking up about our problems because we believe it would be extremely hazardous to our public image if we ever opened up to anyone. The truth, on the other hand, is that we should cry once in a while. It helps us expel and vent our emotions in a very healthy way.

Many reports on this subject say that if you are able to cry at your plight in life, it means that you can face your own emotions and actively deal with them. But this also means that you have higher emotional intelligence.

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To many people, it is quite difficult to express themselves. But they need to know how to. One could be as cold as ice, but they definitely need to vent out at one point in time. And this is a necessity; else you might contract several mental health issues. There is no harm in expressing what you feel, but there might be a lot of problems in hiding what you feel.

If you keep bottling up what you feel inside, there will come a time when you might need to simply bring it out in the open. And there are no two ways about it. Cry, vent out your emotions, and do not let anything keep you down. Crying will help you move on, so there is always that benefit to it.

Professor Roger Baker of Bournemouth University believes that crying isn’t the only thing that helps us vent our emotions. In fact, it is a series of processes that will allow us to truly express what we feel. After crying comes a period where you simply need to talk about things and talk about them until you are left with nothing but memories. And then comes processing grief through time. You give it time, and soon it is simply a distant image in your mind, incapable of hurting you.

It isn’t always time- sometimes you need to take a series of steps to help yourself deal with stress.

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Dr. Judith Orloff also speaks about how crying will help someone feel better despite problems coming up. It clears out your tear ducts, while also emptying your heart. The modern society needs to do away with what they consider to be manly, and unmanly. There is nothing feminine or emasculating about crying. You cry because you are hurt, and people irrespective of their gender get hurt.

So go ahead, and pour your eyes and soul out.

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