Instagram Influencers Show How Fake Social Media Really Is

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Social Media makes up for a big part of our lives today. Social media platforms remain one of the most used tools for connecting with people. However, with the advancement of technology, there have always been concerns over how fake social media is. Take a look at the post here:

To prove the point, Instagrammers @mariefeandjakesnow and @explorerssaurus_ used their own pictures. The accounts usually post scenic couple portrait shots from exotic locations, primarily Bali. However, they felt it necessary to point out that all should not be believed when it comes to things on the internet.

how fake social media is

Candid portraits are one of the specialties of these Instagrammers. So the first comparison uses their own photos. Today, one does not even need to have expert skills in complicated computer applications to doctor a photo. Our smartphones come with in-built filters that do the job quite well. Here is one such example where the face looks completely different with and without a computer-adjusted filter.

how fake social media is

In the second photo, the power of the filter is even more apparent. Apart from making the smooth clearer and adding color, it can even remove the smallest of details like wrinkles. As a result, determining the age becomes difficult too.

how fake social media is

The third photo is taken outside proving that the picture does not need to be taken in a special studio. It can be just a casual snap on your smartphone over a normal dinner at a restaurant. With the wonder of filters and the computer, the perfect picture will appear before your eyes, once again proving just how fake social media is.

how fake social media is

The fourth photo depicts how much filters can change, and even add. The model’s hair is completely different than the original! And the modification is so accurate that apart from a side-by-side comparison it would be very difficult to notice that it is fake.

how fake social media is

Finally, the number of subjects is not a limitation either, as in this photo. Perhaps the most stunning example of the touch-ups, one can clearly see the numerous differences between the original and the final image.

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However, be that as it may, who does not want their pictures to look pretty. Although many of us do not go the distance, it does not take a lot to modify to this extent. We appreciate the Instagrammers’ willingness to show both sides. But it also proves a lesson – be careful of judging someone based on their social media pictures!

All Image Credits: Marie & Jake | Raquel & Miguel

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