Can You Solve This Riddle? “What Has An Eye, But Can’t See”?

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Only a handful of people have managed to give the proper answer to this riddle. Be aware that it requires you to think creatively so get ready to think outside the box. Riddles and logic puzzles are categorized as brain teasers that actually benefit your health.

Solving specific types of puzzles as well as challenging your mind on a daily basis can benefit several aspects of your brain’s and mental health. Try the one underneath and let us know how well you did!

Riddles Help With Staving Off Dementia

There have been numerous studies on the advantages of solving logic puzzles and brain teasers. Riddles are in the same category as them, and their impact is similarly beneficial for your brain.

Caraday Health reports that games, riddles, and puzzles can help in delaying Alzheimer’s disease and dementia symptoms. Studies have shown that an active mind can mitigate the extent of damage in the brain cells that takes place in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, it can also support new nerve cells’ growth as well as strengthen their connections.

They also say that researchers have found that the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s and the number of years spent solving puzzles are correlated. So the earlier we make a daily habit of solving puzzles, the more beneficial it is. Our brain is never too old or young for a healthy workout after all.

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In conclusion, perhaps this riddle can be your first step towards a healthier and more active brain. Scroll down to try out the riddle now and embark on your adventure to a healthier brain!

The Riddle In Question

Get ready to boost your brain when you take a chance at this riddle. Only 1 out 10 people who attempted the brain teaser managed to reach the answer within the specified time. Remember to time yourself – you have to answer within 30 seconds. Best of luck!

Here’s the riddle:

BG Riddle Eye

You might be tempted to say that the answer does not exist, or that it is imaginary. But we assure you, the answer is real and is just waiting for you to realize it. Remember to time yourself! Scroll down to find the answer.

The Answer

Before we tell you the answer, feel free to let us what your answer is and how long you took to arrive at it.

Without further ado, the answer is “a needle.” The hole in the needle where you insert the thread is called its eye. There can be another answer too: a potato eye – these are the little spots of growth on a potato!

So let us know how well you fared!

Image credit: The Laugh Club

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