“I QUIT!” Walmart Employee’s EPIC Viral Rant On Store’s Loudspeaker

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Employee resignations come in all shapes and forms, and sometimes they are not on the best of terms. This is even more frequent in the customer service sector. Dealing with all kinds of customers (some of whom are quite impolite) is hard enough, let alone having to deal with the horrible working conditions as well. A Walmart employee just had enough of it and resigned in a spectacular manner over the loudspeaker in the store.

Beth McGrath, who hails from Louisiana, shared a video on her Facebook account showing the amazing resignation. The video shows her dressed in the typical black uniform for a Walmart employee. She steadied her breath and then started talking to all who were present in the outlet over the store’s PA system.

The Walmart Employee Could Not Bear It Any Longer

She politely drew the attention of her Walmart associates and shoppers there. She introduced herself as Beth from the electronics section. Beth then talked about being a Walmart employee for nearly 5 years. She also revealed that every Walmart employee at the outlet was underpaid and overworked. Here’s the full resignation video:

Her epic rant continued by explaining how the employees are treated poorly by both customers and management every day. Moreover, when they try to raise an issue with it, they are shown that they can be replaced. She then continued and said that this constant gaslighting has become too much for her. Plus, the elderly associates are treated “like s**t” by the company.

But Beth McGrath was far from done. She then went on to talk about the misdemeanor of the store’s management team. She called one of them a “pervert”. Beth also called out two others on how they behaved with her co-workers. She said that they should be ashamed of how they treat their associates. She hoped that they did not behave in the same way with their families, it was so bad.

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Beth wrapped up her rant by listing her colleagues’ names and promising to support all of them. In the end, she said that Walmart is undeserving of its good nature. Her conclusion was simple: “F**k management, and f**k this job, I quit.”

Social Media To The Rescue

Beth McGrath received tremendous support for her outrage at Walmart. Her post has gained over 3,700 comments and 150,000 views when the article was being written. One of the comments considered her a hero. Another talked about how life is too short to be spent working for such people. A third even offered her a job, if she needed one. The post was soon shared on Twitter, where the reaction was expectedly similar.

One day later, the ex-Walmart employee followed up on her resignation video. She expressed her gratitude for all the donations and support she received. She talked about being on a rollercoaster of emotions during the whole experience and she had run out of words. Here’s the video:

McGrath said that her video was not for gaining fame. All she wanted was to let her co-workers know of her love and that she has their best in mind. She wanted to be her co-workers’ voice, as well as her own. She concluded the follow-up video by giving a golden piece of advice: to never be afraid of speaking your piece, even if, at first, it breaks you down.

Another Walmart employee had done a similar resignation in November 2020. It seems the issue at hand is much larger.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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