I Quit Drinking Alcohol A Year Ago, Here’s How It Changed My Life

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By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory

Alcohol is one of the most widely used drugs in our society. So many of us use it to relax, socialize more, break the ice, etc. However, alcohol contributes to a lot of negative things in society. Domestic violence, addiction problems, depression, health issues, disagreements, the list is long and most of us know one or two things about the darker aspects of alcohol use. 

I had my fair share of partying in the past. I had my relationship with the substance, often abusing it at some points in my life. In recent years, during my sessions with psychedelics, I was getting guided to quit alcohol completely and become “clean” in other aspects of my life as well. I finally decided to listen and around one year ago I made a decision to give up alcohol completely. 

Here are some of the benefits that I gained from this decision. 

No alcohol cravings

After some time I just forgot what it is like to have a nice cold beer. The feelings that I liked aren’t there for so long that I forgot what it is like and I don’t have cravings anymore. You might be around people drinking and you don’t feel like you want to get an alcoholic drink. I think this happens after a while. The same used to be with nightclubs. I used to love going to raves so much, but after a while, you just forget what it is like and you don’t have those needs anymore. 

I can go out without drinking and still have fun

I managed to get into a similar mood as if I would actually be drinking. Often if I decide to meet with someone in some bar or a pub and I get my nonalcoholic drink and they get their alcohol and after a while, I pick up the vibes and I can have fun without being drunk. Often the vibe is similar to if I would be actually on something. 

I still go out with friends but I typically get a nonalcoholic beer or some soft drink to keep the company. However, I’m not a fan anymore of going to places where people are totally pissed. The unconscious behavior became more visible to me, it kind of puts me off more now. 

I save more money 

I don’t have to tell you that alcohol, especially in some bars or pubs, isn’t cheap. Often, after a few drinks I wouldn’t care much about spending money, and the next day I would be like, “dude wtf”. I just wasted so much money last night… Ever happen to you? Now, this is not an issue anymore. You can think of using the money on other things instead… 

No hangovers

One of the big ones is obviously no hangovers! I hated waking up with a massive hangover, the whole day wasted after the night out… Often feeling depressed afterward. Now, I just wake up and can do anything I like. While some of my friends need to spend a day in bed…

Overall health improvement

Another obvious one. Alcohol really messes up your health. You age quicker, have higher blood pressure, liver issues, the list is long. Once you quit entirely, you feel better overall. Also with some of my workout routines in the past, drinking could really disrupt some of that. Now it doesn’t happen, I can keep building up momentum with the training and health aspects as well. 

How about you? 

Have you ever ditched alcohol for so long? 

Share some of your experiences in the comments and let us know. 

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