Guy Claims To Expose How Pigs Are Fed Plastic And Paper And Got Fired For Doing So

pigs are fed plastic

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

In 1906, Upton Sinclair’s novel “The Jungle” had painted a graphically horrifying world of meat factories filled with rampant vermin, foul odors, and even human remains used as animal feed. It had pressed then-President Theodore Roosevelt to establish the foundations of the Food and Drug Administration.

Recently, a TikTok video has gone viral because of a similar scene. This time the man claims it’s real too, and not just a work of fiction.

The Alarming Claim That Pigs Are Fed Plastic

TikToker @gmfmusik, whose real name is Kash Moore, had posted several videos dating back to June. The posts have garnered well over several million views. More recently, the posts had gone viral once more after they were shared by @puppospraxis, another TikToker. Here is a compilation of his videos:

In the video, Moore describes how pig feed is usually made from food waste. However, the waste also regularly includes other kinds of garbage. He implied that harmful non-edible material like paper and plastic would find their way into the feed for pigs at some farms.

In the first video he had posted back in June, Moore had explained that all the food waste was from several sources: cookie places, bakeries, businesses, etc. 2 days after that, he posted another video backing up his claim. In that one, he showed some more waste and this time there was paper and plastic visibly present in it. He claimed that this was all going to be mushed into pig feed.

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He further clarifies that whether there was plastic or anything else, it did not really matter. The camera panned and showed the entire unit. The waste was being delivered into an industrial grinder. Then it is cooked and finally transformed into grains. At the time of writing, the video has gathered over 22 million views.

Moore’s page repeatedly insisted that this is the waste that was being transformed into feed for pigs. This meant that pork meat would eventually have the same harmful elements, like micro-plastics. Moore further said that the final feed is put through a shaker to try to separate out the plastic. However, he emphasized the word “try”.

Shortly afterward, he claimed to have been fired by his company for sharing the videos. Moore then opened a fundraising page on The mission is to “support the exposure”. The goal is set to $10,000, and at the time of writing, $738 has been raised. However, no further explanations are available as to how the fund would help in spreading the exposure.

Several other TikTokers supported his video. @puppospraxis’s captioned the share as “Big AG feeds pigs plastic”.

Featured Image Credits: Kash (@gmfmusik)/TikTok

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