How To Use Language To Empower Ourselves- Innerstanding Instead Of Understanding

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Hidden within our spoken and written language is a code which is deep rooted in mystery and magic.

It is easy to forget the significance of verbalised language as it is something most use everyday, however, it is the thing that has separated human beings from all other animal species, and allowed us to achieve things no other known species has.

The roots of verbal communication are quite the mystery, and there is no well accepted hypothesis on where human language came from.  Alfredo Trombetti is the first known to have tried to establish chronology on the subject and hypothesised spoken language was established between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago, which is thought to be close to the first emergence of Homo sapiens.

Paleoanthropologist Richard Klein believes that the ability to produce complex speech developed a lot more recently dating it at around 50,000 years ago. While Linguist Johanna Nichols dates it at 100,000+ years ago.

The psychonaut and mystical lecturer Terence Mckenna has a theory called “The Stoned Ape Theory” in which he believes language and culture evolved through the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms. it’s estimated that the volume of the brain in humans tripled in size between 500,000 and 100,000 years ago, which sparked an evolution in the way we processed consciousness.

The theory states that while traveling across the savannahs, lesser evolved homo sapiens started to eat “the largest psilocybin mushroom in the world growing bodaciously out of dung of the animals”  

How human language began is really up for debate due to lack of evidence, however our current British language comes from a West Germanic language and is a mixture of many previous languages combined. When you start to compartmentalise words and break them into pieces, adding in the original meanings they tell a far more interesting story.

In Egyptian (Kemetic) culture it was thought that words hold certain power and could be used to cast spells (spellings). This could be looked at as a metaphorical spell, meaning that words and their vibrational tone hold specific associated cause and effect, meaning, writing/speaking words motivate you/others to be a specific way. This could also be thought of as more literal, meaning words/sounds can literally change the structure of matter and energy. Maybe both are the same thing?

This magic could either be used for empowering purposes (white magic) or disempowering/self serving purposes (black magic).

What is interesting to note is the fact that every tone or word we say has a corresponding number that can be attributed to it. This means that tonality is infinite in its nature (as are numbers), although much is unheard by the human ear.

Human beings are not exempt from the fact that everything in our known existence is actually illusory in the way we perceive it, and we are mainly energy vibrating at different and changeable frequencies. When we correlate this with language and tonality we could be led to the assumption that word and sound has a far more powerful impact on our well being than we may give it credit for.

There are close relationships between many words which are easy to overlook, such as:






All are different variations of the word for the star we orbit “the sun”. However the same word of a different spelling “son”, means a male child. It is though that the sun is the physical representation of what we might call god, so metaphorically the child (son), is the son of god.

Sol is the Spanish pronunciation for the sun and has dual meaning in the English language. Sole mean singular and everything in our physical existence is part of a bigger existence. Meaning our cells make up our organs, our organs make up our bodies, our bodies make up the human race. Earth is just a planet in a bigger galaxy and that galaxy is part of further galaxies etc. The only singularity that exists is what some may can god, as it is the creator of ALL that exists and there is no separation from the creator and created. Soul is what we would call our own individual piece of spirit (god), which is both singular and also just a part of a bigger piece. So all these words have an intricate relationship with each other.

I and eye are another example, I means the self and eye is the means to interpret reality. Without the eye we would not have an identity as we know it. The eye allows us to physically see the “I”.

Inner sense and innocence, meaning we have the highest developed sense of our true self in innocence or our younger days.

There are many more examples, however I would like to end with one I feel is disempowering in nature and how we can change it for a more empowering alternative. This comes from the word understand and I explain it further in this video:

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