How To Be A Better Thinker | The Nerdwriter (Evan Puschak) On Impact Theory

maxresdefault 4By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

“The young man reveres men of genius, because, to speak truly, they are more himself than he is. They receive of the soul as he also receives, but they more.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Emerson’s words speak of a truth in being – that you must be more to feel more. These are the bones of a blueprint to becoming the very best version of yourself, and these bones are spoken of by the many motivational speakers of today as well as the prolific philosophers of yesterday. But no two individuals’ final blueprint is the same. A writer’s journey isn’t one towards self confidence and decisiveness, but towards an ability to express who they are and what they see. They’re on a  journey towards better thinking. And Emerson’s words suggest that in becoming a well practiced thinker, you are more you than you were before.

Evan Puschak A.K.A. The Nerdwriter stands as an example of Emerson’s notion. His Youtube channel, Nerdwriter1, holds a catalogue of video essays covering everything from filmmaking techniques to the speaking habits of Donald Trump – and it is with these videos that he demonstrates the high fidelity of his world view. It’s hard to describe, it has to be seen. In an interview with Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory (below), Evan talks about his journey towards vividity and how becoming a better thinker was like receiving more of the soul.

“Nature enhances her beauty, to the eye of loving men, from their belief that the poet is beholding her shows at the same time.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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