How To Attract Your Perfect Partner – Vlog #03

Perfect Partner Vlog

Most people dream about meeting their second half, their ideal partner, but how do we create this reality? In this video, I’m sharing some general concepts that I consider to be crucial if we want to manifest a perfect relationship. Our intention is one of the most important aspects when attracting relationships. What is the intention behind? The more conditions you have the more likely it is that you will attract someone with conditions towards you. Let’s say you are a male who wants to attract a partner that is extremely attractive. You might now get someone who, same as you, also has some superficial/materialistic expectations towards you. It could be someone who is interested in meeting a guy who is doing well financially. If you are this kind of person, you might have a match here but at the same time because of these conditions. If something goes wrong, you aren’t doing well financially anymore, this person might leave you. This is one example of how it can work. 

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