Dyslexia It’s a Gift Not a Disability – Vlog#02


In this video, I talk about my struggles with dyslexia. Many people do not understand dyslexia, they either brush it off as something that is “invented” and doesn’t really affect people. The truth is that some people are heavily dyslexic and struggle with basics like reading and writing, but at the same time they are very gifted. I struggled with reading and writing for most of my life. It would take me many weeks to read a book and remember anything from it. I had to work ten times harder to improve some of these abilities. On the other hand, I can visualize complex things in my head. I can think outside of the box, making unusual connections between concepts and ideas. The education system we have is not designed for diverse types of minds, this is the big problem. We put everyone into the same box, some people learn differently.

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