Girl Goes Viral As She Gets Attacked By An Octopus She Tries To Eat Live


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Imagine waking up in the morning, and searching your favorite news app for the latest information of the day. What do you expect it to say? Latest political developments, probably some activism, and a bit of sports. What do you see? News that a woman tried to eat a live octopus, who attacked back. And that does make us wonder, where are we going with this life?

A video blogger from China, who has been ‘lovingly’ named ‘seaside girl Little Seven’, decided that her life amongst the shadows was over, and she had to aim for the spotlight. Now, that’s not surprising considering that there have been challenges like Tide pod-gobbling, KiKi-dancing and condom-snorting before, which have often resulted in viral celebs getting a worse fate than hospitals. Now this girl introduces something new – ‘Eat-A-Live-Octopus Challenge’!

This 50-second video from the Jiangsu city of Lianyugang shows her trying to prove her mettle by eating an octopus. The video starts with her attaching herself with the octopus, and it does look like a good, healthy relationship between the human and the marine world. But soon, it turns into a horror sequence, as the octopus starts attaching its tentacles all over her face. One of the tentacles gets hooked to her eyelid, and the other to her upper lip. And as they keep pulling, the girl’s shrieks calling it all very ‘painful’.  

Finally, the battle ends with the girl freeing herself from what seemed like the traps of death. And as she releases it, we can see blood dripping from that wound. Now, at this point, any human being would cross out eating an octopus from their bucket list forever. But what does this millennial do? Promise her viewers to eat one the next time. Also, she is happy that this video would reach far and wide, and catapult her into stardom.

Crazy world, isn’t it?

The girls is supposedly a major sea-food lover as per Daily Mail.

Social media criticized the girl though. As per  Business Insider, a user claimed that the girl finally learned not to mess with an octopus. A user on Chinese Twitter-like platform claimed that the octopus tried eating the girl instead of the girl eating it.

Giant Pacific octopuses have a lot of suckers, almost 280, on each one of its eight tentacles. They use it to wrap around their predators to defend them. The power of these suckers can easily be seen from the video.

Well, hopefully, now people will be more aware about how not to mess with nature. Or maybe, they won’t learn and we will come across another strange and stupid act to get viral. Only time will tell.

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