7 Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor After a Car Accident


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Is there anything more terrifying than being in a car accident? Probably not. One moment, you are driving and singing along to the latest hit song. The next minute, you hear the sound of metal crunching, feel worry gripping your chest, and lose all control.

While it can take years to overcome the psychological effects of being in a car accident, your physical body can overcome the physical trauma much sooner – that is, if you care for it properly. In addition to eating right and getting regular exercise, you may benefit from receiving regular chiropractic care.

Chiropractors use your feedback, orthopedic tests, nerve scans, and x-rays to determine where subluxation (pressure on the nervous system) may be occurring. With this information, they can support the body’s healing process by using various techniques to re-align the spine. As subluxation is remedied, well-being flourishes.

Following are 7 reasons to consider chiropractic care after a car accident:

1) Treat Invisible Injuries

Sometimes, the symptoms of being in a car accident don’t show up right away. Rather, headaches, nausea, soreness, dizziness, and pain in the neck set in after a period of weeks. For this reason, is very important you visit a chiropractor after an accident to offset the effects of whiplash and avoid long-term pain.

2) Reduce Inflammation

Following an accident, you may notice that your muscles feel more inflamed. A likely cause is micro-tears in the ligaments. Micro-tears will not be diagnosed on an x-ray, which is why receiving chiropractic adjustments is very important. Spinal manipulations will be used to realign the spinal column, which may help your body release an anti-inflammatory substance that lowers back pain and inflammation in the body.

3) Reduce Scar Tissue

After an accident, there may be scar tissue in your muscles. Scar tissue can result is stiffness and discomfort. When you visit a chiropractor, specific techniques will be used to target the damaged areas so that the scar tissue can be broken up faster rather than heal on its own. As a result, you will feel better and heal at a faster rate.

4) Reduce Dependence on Drugs

Did you know? In 2017, two out of three drug overdoses involved opioids. That’s a scary reality, which is why non-invasive treatments are appealing to many people. Fortunately, visiting a chiropractor can reduce your reliance on drugs to manage pain.

You can receive effective pain relief without addictive drugs or medications with chiropractic care. This is because a chiropractor addresses the root cause of the injury, ensuring that the injury itself is actually healed. This is different from the allopathic approach, which often relies on pills to mask symptoms.

5) Restore Range of Motion

After a car accident, you may feel as if you are 90-years-old. To overcome this feeling, consider visiting a chiropractor. Spinal adjustments will improve blood flow and, as a result, ensure more nutrients can reach the areas they need to go. You’ll also notice improved mobility as your cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine move into alignment.

6) Deliver Long-Term Benefits

Having to receive care as a result of a car accident is unfortunate. But, there is some good that can come out of it. When you receive chiropractic care after an accident, you are supporting your well-being long-term. This is because as subluxation is reduced, chronic and painful conditions are kept from developing.

7) Can Help With Claims

If you were involved in an accident caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person, you may consider taking legal action against them. Surprisingly, visiting a chiropractor can help. Throughout the process of care, the clinic will record all of your injuries and write a report that may be submitted to your attorney or auto insurance carrier to document the extent of the injuries.

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