For More Than 25 Years This Japanese Diver Has Been Visiting His Best Friend A Fish

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

There are many animals and human relationships that we come across every day. The most common ones are, of course, with dogs and cats, but you can often see strange relationships too like with a bear or even a tiger. Sometimes, you may wonder whether marine animals are left behind in this unity between humans and animals. But then, we all know how friendly dolphins are to us!

diver fish 25 year friendship hiroyuki arakawa japan 1

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But now, we come to meet a strange new marine friend. Hiroyuki Arakawa is a diver in Japan who has been in this profession for about 25 years. He had to oversee one of Japan’s religious Shinto shrines. It is called tori hich. The shrine is located just under the Tateyama Bay surface in Japan. Arakawa must have felt a bit lonely at times because while watching over the shrine, he had made a strange friend – an Asian sheepshead wrasse whom he has named Yoriko.

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It’s a wonderful relationship and a video of them has gone viral. Arakawa can be seen welcoming the fish with a lovely kiss. Of course, it’s cute but it might sound unusual. However, don’t think that it is strange – studies show that fish can identify a human face easier. In one study, two faces were shown in front of a fish and the scientist trained them to spit jet at the specific picture. Then, the faces were made black with the edges being evened out. Strangely enough, the fish were capable to identify the faces they had been familiar with again and again with 86% accuracy

So, it’s no surprise that Arakawa had made a friend whom he loves for over a decade now!


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