Footage Of Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Shows The Threat They Face From Illegal Loggers

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

“Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.” –  E.O.Wilson

“We need to save the forests. I have a big warehouse we can store them in.” ― Bauvard

Two views that sum up the fight we are up against to save our planet. The forests were never wild for the tribes. It is at home. They never ravaged the rivers or the forest. They took only as little as would serve their needs. The land and all that it bore they treated with consideration. The forests were not there to be improved. They never desecrated it.

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Our forests are being deforested and cut into parcels of naked desolation. The tribes live in the trees and the trees live in them. We have ravaged over 2/3rd of our forest cover and still seem unwilling to stop. At times we are woken up from our slumber by cries that emanate from the forest that seek to address our hearts. One such call has come from the sighting of a member of a remote tribe deep in the rainforests of the Amazon. It reveals the extent to which we have overrun the home of a member of our planet and how utterly we are out of place in his land.

The picture of this man staring poignantly as his home gets destroyed just confirms that we have decided to continue with our plundering ways till doomsday. We have reached the heart of the Amazon and the darkness we find there is more in our hearts than in the forest.

The picture was taken in the once dense rainforests in Maranao in Brazil and confirms the threat posed to them from those desecrating the forests.

The people pictured are from the Awa tribe photographed by a member of the neighbouring tribe, the Guajajara people, who want to save their forest-dwelling Awa tribe from the loggers. They hope that proof of their existence will help protect the Awa tribe and the forests, which is their home, their sustenance, and their only hope of survival.

The Guajajara people and their group, the Amazon Guardians are working tirelessly to save their land from the invasion by the logging mafia who are murdering these people and destroying their home. They are fighting for the forests and all those isolated people whose lives would be destroyed.

They hope that the picture of the Awa people will galvanize the government to do something. They wish to live in isolation and if we cannot ensure even that, it speaks of the times we live in.

Survival International, a global movement for tribal people, says that the Awa tribe are the world’s most threatened as forests are rapidly shrinking. Under the presidency of Jair Bolsaro, the government’s regressive stance on land demarcation rights has proved detrimental to the tribes and the rainforest. The Amazon absorbs the largest share of the world’s greenhouse gases but it is disappearing at the rate of one soccer field every minute.

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The repeal of the law that protects demarcated lands from the National Indian Foundation has rendered the Environmental ministry redundant. The Ministry of Agriculture is now in control of the disputed lands. He also wants NGOs like Greenpeace, WWF, and Survival International out of the country.

The video is irrefutable proof that the Awa tribe are there in the forest and are fighting for their survival, as the rainforests, their only source of sustenance keeps shrinking rapidly. The loggers have been given a carte blanche by President Bolsonaro to eliminate any semblance of resistance to his nefarious designs. Killing members of the resistance is commonplace.

The only hope is an international outcry to stop that.

Image Credit: Midia India

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