First Razor Designed To Shave Someone Else Could Help Millions Of Care Givers

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Every morning as millions of people across the world drags a safety razor across a cheek, spare a thought for those who shave a dear one because it is part of their love for him. And for those not used to a lifetime of gingerly dragging a razor across someone’s face, it’s a job that they fear the most.

Carol and Jim had their lives shattered when Jim met with a road accident that made him dependent on Carol for all his needs for the rest of his life. Carol, who retired as a nurse, took it in her stride and functions as a whole-time caregiver.

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Carol assists Jim as he goes through his grooming activities and everyday physical therapy. These might appear insignificant but these little things keep him as independent as his frail body will allow. Things become a little more difficult than usual on some days. But that is part of a caregiver’s job.

There are 40 million people like Carol who take care of their loved ones- the elderly, disabled, or who need specialized care. With people having a longer life span, a lot of middle-aged Americans now take care of their aging parents and grandparents. Others care for a disabled relative or a child who may be unable to shave on his own due to development issues. These caregivers multitask, as they cook, clean, bathe, and perform other tasks for those in need of constant care.

These unsung heroes do these jobs day in and day out without a break. A large part of the caregiver’s job is hygiene and grooming. They greatly appreciate when something makes their job that wee-bit easier.

Gillette has come up with a new razor that takes care of the specialized needs of people like Jim. Gillette’s new TREO Razor is specifically designed keeping the best interest of people in need of special care and also the caregiver.  It devotes special attention to the fact that the razor will be used to shave others, especially those who are unable to assist.

Carol thinks that shaving Jim’s face is now a cakewalk. Some disheartening statistics point to the fact that 4000 razors were designed for personal shaving, but none of those were able to do just that.

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Carol was immediately impressed when she used TREO the very first time. She was a bit skeptical of Gillette’s innovation until she used it herself. She wondered if Gillette could improve upon an invention which is already perfect in every sense.

Carol now relies wholly upon the TREO to shave Jim. She now raves over the convenience of shaving with this new thoroughbred from the stables of Gillette. The TREO was the culmination of years of research and interaction with caregivers and those who receive special care. The TREO was initially trialed in 2017.

The concept emerged from a conversation that the R&D team noticed on media over the everyday challenges and difficulties faced by caregivers which included shaving a person with a personal shaving razor designed to shave only the person who holds it in his hand.

But TREO has made the shaving experience richer and caregivers like Carol find the task less daunting. The design was rebuilt from scratch. TREO has included an exclusive blade and a safety comb. Grooves prevent clogging and the handle has an ergonomic design for easier control. A special built-in shave gel ensures you do not need any water.

Gillette had recently made a splash with ads on trans-people. Now with the TREO razor, the company has proved that the company is about the best that everybody can get. The Gillette TREO was awarded the 2018 Innovation of the Year (accessibility category) award by Time Magazine. Fast Company says TREO is “A Masterpiece of Inclusive Design.”

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