Curious Bulldog Shares A Smooch With A Wild Manatee [Video]

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By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory
In today’s world, there is no shortage of negative news. Every which way you look, it seems, something depressing is occurring. For this reason, positive highlights are essential — such as this video, captured while a man and his English bulldog were kayaking.

Recently, a Florida man was out on the ocean with his dog, Frapp, when a manatee approached their vessel. At first, the pet owner was concerned that the marine mammal would tip over their boat. But then, he noticed Frapp’s infatuation with the sea creature.

After cautioning his dog to be gentle with the manatee, he recorded the two critters inching closer and closer towards each other. Finally, they touched nose-to-nose, closing the gap between their different worlds.

It is unknown whether or not Frapp and the sea manatee met again. Regardless, the video is being enjoyed for what it is.  The minute-long clip has won millions of hearts across the internet, and will surely win yours.

Watch it below:

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Image Credit: Youtube / Rumble Viral

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