FBI Tweet Backfires Badly As People Respond With Police Violence Videos

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By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

In what started off as an attempt to crack down on ordinary citizens provoking violence during the George Floyd protests, has backfired rather badly for the FBI.

Following George Floyd’s senseless and shocking murder by a policeman on a Minneapolis street on May 25, people across America and around the world have been protesting against police brutality and racial injustice.

Many of these protests have been peaceful and in some instances, police have even joined in. However, there have also been cases of property being destroyed and shops looted as emotions have boiled over and in some cases, criminals have taken advantage of the chaos and near state of anarchy in the United States.

Hoping to get a grip on things, the FBI decided to ask for help from the public.

“The FBI is seeking information and digital media depicting individuals inciting violence during First Amendment protected peaceful demonstrations,” read a Twitter statement.

There was also a link to their website, which displayed the following message:

“To help us identify actors who are actively instigating violence in the wake of George Floyd’s death, the FBI is accepting tips and digital media depicting violent encounters surrounding the civil unrest that is happening throughout the country.

“If you witness or have witnessed unlawful violent actions, we urge you to submit any information, photos, or videos that could be relevant to the case.”

But with public trust in the police and in most authority very low, unsurprisingly, the FBI didn’t get the responses they were looking for.

Instead of receiving the leads they had seemingly been hoping for, the FBI were instead inundated with video footage of police inflicting violence on members of the public. In many cases, the police violence was unprovoked and unnecessarily forceful.


Other social media users, including a Democrat congresswoman, were quick to highlight the president’s alleged role in inciting further violence.

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Image credit: Somsak Suwanput & David Geitgey Sierralupe

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