Hungry Polar Bear Travels 700km To Russian Town Looking For Food


polar bear

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A very strange, but not so shocking, incident was reported from a small village in the Kamchatka Peninsula, situated far in the east in Russia. An extremely malnourished and exhausted polar bear was spotted in the Tilichiki village of the Peninsula. Environmentalists speculate that the animal was almost 434 miles (700 km) away from its home in Chukotka, situated to the north.

The Russian media reported the sighting on Wednesday the 17th April 2019. The animal seemed to be at ease amidst the villagers. They fed the exhausted animal fish and other meat to help restore its ill-health. A video released by the media showed the beast moving past the villagers causing them no harm; co-existing in absolute harmony.

The villagers have now joined hands with authorities to help this bear get back to its natural habitat. The polar bear will be fed well and nursed before finally being administered a dosage of tranquillizers that’ll help put him to sleep. They want to transfer it in a helicopter, back to Chukotka, once the circumstances seem favourable.

As per one of the environmentalists commenting on the situation, the only option left for these animals is to seek shelter and food amidst the human population when their own habitat is lost.

Ecologists have blamed this entire incident on climate change and the Arctic getting warmer. The warming of the earth’s atmosphere has been the cause for the melting of several icebergs and ice floats. These bergs and floats are home and hunting ground for thousands of polar bears and other animals. Due to the melting of their habitat, the polar bears find it difficult to sustain themselves. Their food has become scarce. And thus, the environmental activists attribute this animal’s journey down south to the loss of habitat, a common consequence of global warming.

Over hundreds of animals and birds are becoming extinct at alarming rates. The polar bear is one of the species under threat. Scientists are of the opinion that the last efforts can only be made by 2030, after which, it will be too late to do anything to save our planet. The amount of heat being trapped due to greenhouse gases, and other harmful pollutants, is slowly melting chunks of ice. Freshwater access rates are going down. If we do not work actively towards doing something to reverse climate change, we will also eventually reach the horrific stage where these animals are facing imminent extinction.

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These polar bears being forced to relocate due to loss of living space, breeding grounds and food, should be a terrifying warning for what is coming. Governments and people alike need to come together to save these animals, and by association, the human race.

We need to act urgently to bring back the status quo if we want this planet to sustain life for at least another 1000 years. It is all up to you and us to make the change.

Source: Alina Ukolova,  Guardian


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