Ex-Convict Who Missed Job Interview To Save Life, Now Has Employers Lining Up To Hire Him

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No good deed goes unrewarded, and this man realized the truth behind these words when he stopped to help save someone’s life. Aaron Tucker, the man in question, was already going through a pretty rough time, but the entire situation soon turned on its head for him. En route to a job interview that he desperately needed, he came upon a car crash and decided to forego his job opportunity just to save a human life. He might have lost that job opportunity, but he certainly proved to everyone that he was a good Samaritan.


Saving Other’s Life More Important

When this poor man saw the car accident, he decided to take off from the city bus he was availing to reach the site and help the victim. Tucker was on his way to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que – a local diner where his interview was supposed to be scheduled. In his interview with Daily News, Tucker stated that he was absolutely excited about this job opportunity that would probably change his life around. He had just been released from prison. But as soon as he came upon the car that had crashed into a tree, Tucker realized that human life came first. In his interview, he also mentioned that the moment he saw the car flipping over, he knew he had to do something. 

The Victim’s Life Was More Important to the Poor Man

The bus driver that was about to take this poor man on what could be a turnaround decided not to wait for him while he was helping the victim. Aaron Tucker himself knew that if he stopped for the victim, the bus would definitely leave- but that wasn’t on his list of concerns just then. Nevertheless, he did decide to take a shot and ask the bus driver if he would wait for him while he helped the victim out, but the driver denied his request. This definitely didn’t deter Tucker from reaching out. 

As soon as he exited the bus, this poor man sprinted towards the burning car and started calming the driver who was bleeding from his head. He decided to use his shirt to cover the head wound, while workers around him tried putting out the fire. The victim might have suffered from a concussion, for he was constantly trying to shut his eyes, but Tucker made sure that the man was awake. Tucker kept reminding him that his family was waiting for him out there, and he needed to keep his eyes open. He even waited till the ambulance came, determined to keep the driver calm. 

The Poor Man’s Humanity trumped His Desperation

Although he desperately needed the job, Aaron Tucker stated that the safety of the man was of paramount importance, and he never once considered thinking about the missed interview. He stated that he would get job opportunities if the fates aligned, but the man wouldn’t get his life back again. His only thought was to help the man out before he passed away from the injury. All the emergency personnel surrounding them called him a hero. Tucker had also recently got released from prison and had to take care of his 21-month old son, so he desperately needed his job. But this good samaritan knew that no job could replace a human life. 


But since no good deed goes unrewarded, a crowdfunding page that was created for Tucker received around $50,000 in just a few days since the accident took place. He also received major job offers as the word about his deed spread. His gesture to save a man by foregoing his job opportunity also landed him a couple of offers in construction and a rubber factory. The man stated that he had just one wish – he wanted his son to live with him, which is why he was so excited about getting a job.

Feature Image Credits: ABCNews

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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