Elon Musk’s Brain Microchip Testing Killed 1,500 Animals So Far Reports Claim

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Elon Musk’s brain microchip testing has resulted in the deaths of 15 monkeys- which several Animal Rights groups have alleged over the last couple of months. However, the total number of animals that died in tests could be way bigger than that. The monkeys who were killed had been implanted with the chip as a part of a study that took place from 2017 to 2020 at the University of California Davis. Out of the 17 monkeys who had been chosen for this experiment, 15 of them died. This information came only after an investigation was launched by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which went through around 700 pages of research findings to arrive at this conclusion. 

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Elon Musk’s Brain Microchip Testing And Animal Abuse

A story published by Reuters has reported that Elon Musk’s brain microchip company- Neuralink- is under investigation by the federal departments for potential violations of animal welfare. According to the news outlet, the staff of Neuralink has themselves blown whistles at the animal testing procedures of the company, with some suggesting that most of the tests were rushed heavily. This, in turn, led to countless deaths and needless suffering for the animals. In fact, the statistics of the experiments are pretty harrowing. Reuters has reported that since 2018, the company has been directly responsible for the deaths of 1,500 animals, which include 280 pigs, sheep, and monkeys. While it is unclear as to how many of the animals perished after they were implanted with the chip, it is pretty transparent that around 21% of the monkeys died because of complications that arose with the chip.

The employees of Neuralink also informed Reuters that on a particular occasion, the company had actually botched the surgery on a couple of pigs where they inserted the chips in the wrong place. As a result of this mistake, the veterinarian employed by the company suggested that one of the animals should be euthanized due to their deteriorating psychological well-being. And if one isn’t well aware yet, this is the same chip that Musk wants to implant in humans in the next six months. 

Many Animals Have Been Killed In Musk’s Experiments To Create Neuralink

The terrifying news regarding Elon Musk’s brain microchip testing does paint quite a contrarian view to the earlier narrative that Neuralink was all about caring for animals:

Autumn Sorrells, the lead behaviorist employed by Neuralink, had previously stated, “We want to be more kind, we want to be more humane. And people coming into the field now are really pushing it.” Ankita Urala, an engineer also commented, “I’m one of the people who makes the devices using my hand and I’m constantly thinking that ‘This is gonna go into Barbara’, and ‘This is gonna go into Cleo’. And we know their names. We have seen them.” Needless to say, the recent allegations against Elon Musk’s company do put all the statements in a considerably bad light. 

Neuralink was founded by Elon Musk in 2016- with the main goal of creating a brain microchip that would allow people to communicate with the Internet. The mission statement of the company mentioned that it was all about developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces that would connect computers and humans. Although one could assume that this technology could easily be used to subdue humans and create a mindless army, the company has ambitions of helping paralyzed people communicate with the world around them. As it turns out, the goal might be praiseworthy, but the invasive nature of the chip, coupled with the allegations, cast serious doubt on how appropriate it would be for use in humans. 

What makes the situation worse for Elon Musk’s brain microchip testing is that the animals are dying in quite a grizzly manner. In a letter that was sent to the UC Department of Agriculture, PCRM stated that the Neuralink experiments were leading to several breaches of the Animal Welfare Act. One of the monkeys who died was found with mutilated toes and fingers- which could easily be self-mutilation or some undiscovered trauma as a result of the procedures. Another monkey who was euthanized started contracting severe skin infections. According to the PCRM, almost all of the monkeys went through immense suffering which was a result of inadequate and reckless animal care, and the added invasive experimental head implants that formed the basis of the experiments. 


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