5 Most Creepy And Dystopian Agendas Promoted By The World Economic Forum

own nothing be happy

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We have all come across the uber-wealthy, and the uber-elite. We have all seen powerful individuals rule countries and oppress them. We have also seen how capitalism has slowly become the driving factor of modern society. There are many groups that gather ultra-wealthy individuals. Many of these groups have bizarre ideas on how society should operate, and how common people, (on the very bottom of the pyramid) should live, one of these groups is The World Economic Forum. 

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The World Economic Forum is said to be one of the centerpieces of the uber elites’ creepy and dystopian ideas. When the WEF has its annual Davos meetings, there is an attempt to legitimize, as well as normalize the influence on other nations by having a horde of political leaders speaking at this event. But if one were to check the guest list for these Davos meetings, one would see the most powerful individuals who belong to the fields of business, politics, technology, science, and finance. The official motto of these meetings is to gather important leaders in order to debate and discuss issues like climate change, inequality, and international cooperation, however, topics discussed at the WEF go much further than “inequality”.

Over the years, the transcripts from the Davos meetings have had certain disturbing claims put up which don’t get the attention that they should in mass media. 

5 Creepy and Dystopian Ideas That Have Been Shared At The WEF

1. “You’ll Own Nothing. And You’ll Be Happy.”

According to WEF if the average population “owns no possessions” this will “benefit us”. This claim was brought forth after a Danish politician stated in a tweet about her vision of life in 2030. Since this was apparently well-liked by the WEF, they decided to stick with it and bring out an official vision for what life in 2030 can be like. This motto featured in that list in no small length. This idea is very could be dangerous as taking away the ability to earn income or run small businesses would mean that citizens would be fully dependent on governments or other organizations. This kind of power could be greatly abused.  

Similar ideas like Universal Basic Income could also be abused in a similar way:

2. “Pushing For A Great Reset.”

WEF views the recent pandemic as a major “opportunity” that can be worked upon. This is their main idea for the Great Reset, where they claim that the pandemic has not only offered us an “opportunity to change our existence” – but also has the possibility of restructuring the entire world around us. The possible catch that they conveniently forgot- the world structure and the economy will be governed by the principles of the WEF- which points towards the elites of the world. You can check out the official WEF video containing the idea here.

3. “Recalibrating Free Speech”

Anyone who argues against Free Speech is definitely someone to be wary of. And one of the best ways to identify those leaders who have been groomed by the WEF is to see how far they can go in their animosity towards free speech. In one of the most creepy and dystopian ideas ever pronounced, Julie Inman Grant- an Australian eSafety Commissioner- stated that the world needed to shift its concept of free speech. Julie talks indirectly about censorship, and talks about how free speech recalibration is required because of “online violence”.

4. Microchip-Containing Pills

The CEO of Pfizer – Albert Bourla, introduced the idea of an electronic pill, containing a “biological chip” that would give insurance companies the evidence that their client has complied with the rules enforced. Pfizer, since then, has been put in an unprecedented seat of power (for a pharmaceutical company) by the WEF. 


5. “Smartphones Will be In Your Body By 2030.”

Pekka Lundmark, the CEO of Nokia, recently stated at the 2022 Davos meeting that smartphones would be implanted inside a human- something that could coincide with the advent of 6G technology. This very notion of transhumanism does seem to be quite accelerated- too aggravating for the current decade. Conspiracy mongers have been asking the same question for the better part of the decade- why are they so interested in inserting things in people’s bodies? And to be perfectly frank, it does seem a little creepy. 

So, what are the creepy and dystopian ideas that you have come across? Write to us in the comments below!

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