Electricity-Free, Foot-Powered Washing Machine To Go On Sale This Summer

Yirego Drumi Machine

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

When you live off-grid, are on a budget, or just seek to reduce your water usage, washing clothes can be a task. But with the Drumi, an electricity-free, foot-powered washing machine, the chore is bound to become much, much easier.

The innovative washer was initially introduced in 2015. This summer, it will finally hit the market. As Inhabitat reports, the manufacturer, Yirego, devoted more than 10,000 hours to perfect the product.

The compact invention can wash 6 or 7 individual garments (or about 5 lbs of clothing) at a time. According to Yirego, it is ideal for delicate items or baby clothes.

To use the washer, all one needs to do is load the clothes in the drum then add detergent and water. Pedaling spins the drum back and forth. It takes two minutes to wash, two minutes to rinse, and 30-seconds to dry. Water can be drained from the Drumi at the push of a button.

Believe it or not, the machine uses 80 percent less water than a regular washer. As a result, it is  the most sustainable option for washing clothing.

Unlike other foot-powered washing machines, the Drumi has handles for easy transport. The handles also double as a lock; this keeps the lid secure as the user peddles. For easy cleaning, the drum can be removed.

The cost of the eco-friendly washing machine is just $239. You can purchase it online here.

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Source: Inhabitat

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