5 Life Hacks That Will Motivate You To Do Anything

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Being motivated long enough to achieve an end goal can be hard work. More often than not, most of us start off strong but later lack the willpower to focus our efforts long enough to complete the task. If you want to stay continuously motivated here are five psychological hacks that will help you see your dreams through to the end.


Chunking is when you take a momentous task and break it down into smaller, manageable pieces. Rather than focus on enormity of something you have to do, such as writing a 500 page novel, it is better to look at the task in part. For example, if you think about writing just two pages of the novel once a week, it will be much easier to complete.


The more confident you are about a task, the less willpower it will require. By employing the chunking method, you can be confident that you can complete the task. After all, it is easier to be confident about writing two pages a week, than it is to write 500 pages.

Change how you view willpower

A study conducted by Professor Veronika Job outlines that the way we view willpower has a big impact on how much willpower we actually have. If you believe your willpower is limited, then you will essentially prove yourself right and have less willpower. However, if you believe that willpower is unlimited, you will have more of it.


When your identity outlines with your goals and habits, it requires less willpower to get something done. However, if they are misaligned, you will find it much harder to stay motivated. The language we use is very important here, if you want to stop smoking it’s better to say “i’m not a smoker” as opposed to “i can’t smoke, i told myself i would quit.” The former aligns with the habits you want to cement, the latter suggests that you still identify as a smoker and this isn’t going to help you form the new habit you want to form.

High Level Thinking

People who spend more time thinking high level thoughts – long term and general ideas – are more likely to stay continuously motivated. High level thoughts create a sense of purpose and meaning, whereas, low level thoughts, which are short term and specific, though necessary to get through day to day activities, don’t do much to help you achieve your goals.

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