Dude Arrested For Possession Of Magic Mushrooms Has Happiest Mugshot Ever


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

How happy would you be if you were caught committing a crime? Not much, I guess. Well, here is one dude who couldn’t look happier. Meet David Kalb, a drug peddler who got caught with weed, mushrooms and 70 jars filled with ingredients to make more psychedelic mushrooms. He was found outside his neighbor’s apartment in Pennsylvania. When the cops spotted him, they asked him to show them his apartment. And well after the ‘treasure’ was spotted, he got busted.

But you wouldn’t buy it if you came across his mugshot. Generally, you have seen from the movies how those arrested look when they are photographed – grim, angry and with a persistent scowl on their face. Well, not for Kalb. His mugshot looks as if he has seen the face of heaven. He’s laughing and looks so happy – like a child opening his first Christmas present.

His elation might be the result of consuming all those drugs himself, who knows? It is sad that still people are being jailed for possessing these substances. Fortunately, things are slowly changing. Just recently Denver has decriminalized magic mushrooms, you can read about it here.

Image credit: Westmoreland County Jail

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