5 Habits We Can Learn From Keanu Reeves And Integrate Into Our Daily Lives


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Keanu Reeves is one of those actors whose fame goes beyond his films. Generally known as one of the best human beings in an industry that is rife with scandals, he has had a very troubled life. Despite that, he still believes in a positive outlook towards life, and must we say, has had a very successful life till date.

Here are 5 lessons that we should learn from him and apply to our daily life:-


Keanu Reeves has earned a lot of money in his life, no doubt about that. But what makes him a greater human than a movie star, is that he gives back to the society, as per his Rolling Stone interview. Instead of choosing to invest in his future generation, he simply donates to charity- the one which helped his sister battle cancer and other different charities. Reeves had also helped passengers during a grounded flight.

He also is seen frequently riding subways. That’s how humble he is.

Silence is Priceless

Almost every person who has worked with Reeves has considered him to be an extremely quiet, keep-it-to-himself sort of guy. Even people who know him for 13 years, like his manager, believes that he is someone who would rather be quiet than be a chatterbox. He prefers to watch and observe rather than talk. Probably he does it because it lets him concentrate, but whatever reason it may be, it does highlight the importance of being discreet and silent.


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Quite possibly his best attribute, Reeves is extraordinarily focused and determined. If he sets himself a target, he follows through. In most of his movies, where he is seen doing stunts, most of them are done by himself. A director recalls that Reeves spent months learning Kung Fu for a role even when he had neck braces on after surgery. For his cult role in John Wick and the sequel, Reeves spent months trying to use a gun properly. And not with rubber bullets. Real bullets, real targets, as told to Esquire.

Keanu Reeves on courage

Death Motivates Him

No, he is not a pessimistic person. What he means is death makes him realise life’s worth. For, if you live a life without doing anything worthwhile, what will remain after you are dead? Nothing.


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So, why not make a legacy so that future generations know you for the great individual you are? Keanu embodies his philosophy with his charitable disposition and dedication towards movie making. He knows he is not going to live forever, so he is making the best out of what he has. As he mentions to Men’s Journal, “You’re gonna die — make stuff.”

Never Gives Up

He never gives up. He might have had flops, depression, grievances, suffering, sickness anything and everything, but Reeves has always stood the test of time, and successfully acquitted himself from struggles. He remains his own greatest fan.


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Meet the man behind Wick. @GQ has the exclusive. #JohnWick3

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All he is trying to do with his life is not giving up. He has one life, and he wants to make the most out of it.

Just like we should.


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