Drumming Workout Class Makes You A Rockstar And Fit At The Same Time

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By Mayukh Saha

Working out is one of the things that should be an indispensable part of our lives yet we always avoid it to the extent we can. All of us wait to start the exercises till we reach the threshold, i.e. unless we get potato belly or getting out of the shape, feeling weak and lethargic due to the restrained body movements, etc. However, the fault is not entirely yours. If the work out plans be as cool and entertaining as the shows you binge-watch you would surely stick to the regime for like forever. Wouldn’t you?

Thus, here is a place known as Crunch in New York City where you can sweat, strengthen and condition your body in the most fun way possible. Famous as the POUND class, this place uses light-weighted drumsticks known as Ripstix for cardio purposes where you pretend to play drums. The class is the combination of cardio, yoga, strength training and Pilates-inspired movements.

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A video on Pound went viral in 2007 having 54 million views. This inspired two female recreational drummers who were also former college athletes to open a workout space in 2011, where people can lose fat while they shake their body enjoying the loud music. Now it is spread over 50 countries.

Joyce Wong, the master trainer in the New York branch of Crunch says,




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