Brave Woman Rescues Enormous Huntsman Spider And Sets It Free


By Mayukh Saha,

For those who have a phobia of spiders, it is best to avoid this article. I’m usually okay with most creepy crawlies but if I ever saw this spider, I’d become an Olympic level runner in seconds because I don’t think I could ever be far enough from it.

Most of us would instinctively want to kill it. However, we are supposed to love all creatures even if we find them scary and disgusting.

I mean, many of us would also love a good plate of steak or a burger. We wouldn’t say no to chicken nuggets and pepperoni pizza. But it is still important to be aware and nice to animals and insects when the opportunity presents itself.

One person who sticks to her beliefs in this regard is Betty who runs Barnyard Betty’s Rescue farm. She posts regular updates online about the creatures she has encountered and saved from an unhappy fate.

One such creature that she recently rescued was quite out of the ordinary. Most of us wouldn’t have touched it with a ten-foot pole. But this one was a frickin’ gigantic, terrifying monster of a Hunstman Spider and it is no wonder that many of her followers got into a tizzy.

There are tens of thousands of different kinds of spiders but most of them are fairly harmless. For instance, out of all the spider varieties in America, those that are harmful to humans are just the black widow and the brown recluse spiders.

But Charlotte, as she is now called, is a spider that looks like it regularly hits the gym and pumps itself with protein powders because it wants to be the world’s greatest bodybuilder.

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On her Facebook post, Betty called Charlotte one of the best of all of the creatures she’s rescued so far. She described Charlotte as a Huntsman Spider, usually found in Queensland in Australia and clarified that she is indeed a real life spider and that she hadn’t been edited to make her look bigger. Betty set her free in her farm as soon as she saved her so she couldn’t take a lot of pictures or record a video. There were people intent on killing Charlotte but luckily Betty found her in the nick of time. Betty stated that Charlotte wasn’t showing any signs of aggression and she was just looking for insects to eat and to go about her life as usual. There was no reason at all to take her life. Betty believes that people just don’t understand spiders but in her farm, all creatures are free to live safely and peacefully.

Her followers praised her for her kindness and the compassion and understanding she extended even to creatures that most others are afraid of. She knows that we share ownership of the Earth with all these creatures and that they are meant to live as we are. Even spiders like Charlotte are just trying to make it in a very scary world and humans shouldn’t make it more difficult for them.

Credits: Barnyard Betty’s Rescue

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