Dad Creates App That Locks Kid’s Phones Until They Respond To Their Parents


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Nick Herbert from the UK is one such parent whose son never replied to him once the kid received a smartphone. Herbert had to do something and he created the RespondASAP. This app’s website explains why Herbert had to build the phone-blocking app.

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While he bought the phone hoping for better communication, it ended up being a greater distraction. The kids spent more time playing games and watching videos on the phone. He would keep the phone on silent and miss out on the texts or calls from his father. Another reason for his ignorance was that he preferred not to talk to his father when he was with his friends.

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The usual messaging app informs us if a message has been seen or not. But the seen message can easily be ignored as well. So Herbert came up with the solution of RespondASAP. In the app, a parent has the option to send as well as scheduled messages for the future. The messages can be made audible even when the recipient’s phone is on silent.

The notification continues until the message is acknowledged. No matter what the phone is running, the app would block the display until the message has been replied to. The app also shares the location of the recipient.

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Source: Nick Herbert/ SWNS.COM

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Herbert developed the app and showed it to his son Ben. When he explained the design, Ben agreed that it’s a good idea. He acknowledged that the app would help him understand which are the urgent messages and he could reply immediately.

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The app currently is available only for Android phones but would be available for iOS devices soon. You would have to shell out $1.25 to purchase this app.

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