After Spending Two Days Apart Two-Year-Old Best Friends Race To Hug Each Other


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Everyone could use a hug in times of joy or sadness. The simple pleasure of human contact makes you feel really warm and open and good, and you realize that little else matters. It is a touch where each one heals the other. Life is a beautiful place if you have a best friend and these 2-year-old besties prove it after they have lived apart for what seems like ages! Two days is a long time if you are just two.

One lucky dad caught these two children rushing at each other with open arms after they had not met for 2 days. Captured in New York, the video shows inseparable besties Finnegan and Maxwell rushing into an embrace. Michael Cisneros, Maxwell’s dad, says that the two have known one another for nearly a year, which is almost half of the toddlers’ lives. Naturally, they were eager to meet each other.

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They always ask for one another when they are not together. They attend music classes together. They watch Dana Banana and are enthusiastic dancers.



Michael felt overwhelmed by the beauty of their response and decided to share it. His Facebook post garnered a lot of viewership as people went overboard in expressing their love and joy.

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One viewer wrote that these two adorable kids could teach a thing or two to adults and thanked Michael for sharing the video.

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Another viewer felt that these toddlers genuinely expressed what it is to see a long lost friend. They have shown us adults how we ought to live our lives. They were just two sincere friends earnestly in love with each other. This is the love that we adults should be searching for in our own souls. Others found hope within the disconsolate and forlorn world we are a part of.

The deepest bonds, the ones that last forever, are usually rooted in friendship. We make many friends over the years but it is the friendships of childhood that usually survive for a lifetime. Those bonds are usually the ones that tie us with threads of immortality. They let you carry your childhood with you and that is a precious thing to retain in your later years.

Credits: Michael Cisneros/Facebook

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